Our First Dentist Trip

Last week Luke had his first dentist appointment. He was so good. The only problem he had was that he wouldn’t stop talking so they could check his teeth. He’s a story teller (that he gets from his Dad). He jumped up in the chair and was very excited. Everything was so new to him.  He even let the girl clean his teeth.

 He asked her a bunch of questions. She was very nice and answered all of them, even the ones he tried to ask in the middle of flossing. It’s so fun to watch them experience new things. Then to hear him recount his trip to Dad that night was hilarious. Just a quick example of how he explained the cleaning, “and the girl shot water in my mouth”. They told him he was one of the best child patients that they have had in a long time. That always makes you feel good as the mother. Now, we’ll see if Mac gets the same results.


1 comment:

  1. He is sooo big!! every time you post a picture he is about a foot taller;) looks like he was enjoying the experience!



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