DIY Bird Art for the Nursery

So the nursery is finally finished! It has actually been "done" for a while I just kept forgetting to show ya'll what I did.

I wanted something very simple. I don't really like the cartoon/story book themes that I see so many nursery's in. The color on the walls is a blue-ish green except for the wall with 2 windows. We left that white, just to break it up a little bit. This is the color we painted it when we built our house and I picked it out with the intention of using that room as the nursery.

Everything is white with a pastel pink accent. I'm still gathering the accents for her room but like the rest of my home it is always a work in progress. On a side note I saw the perfect sheets at Target the other day in passing....I should have just grabbed them but I was in a hurry. I will be picking those up soon!!

So the Bird Art....I posted a few weeks ago about the pictures on found on Etsy that I really liked. I decided to make them myself and I am so glad I did. I just love how they turned out.
A few dollars in paper from Hobby Lobby and frames on sale for $5....much cheaper than the ones on Etsy! And I think just as cute. I am really liking the birds for some reason. I have bought several bird or bird themed items lately. I guess it makes it seem like spring/summer:)

Lyla really seems to enjoys these prints too. When she is on the changing table she stares at them and just coos and aahhhs at them, smiling the whole time:)

Mary Elizabeth



  1. Oh Mary, it looks so beautiful and refreshing. You are such a good decorator! Enjoy your journey with Lyla!

  2. I like the prints. You did a good job.



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