My Daughter

I think so far I have been very good about being equal with the kids. Spending equal time with the boys versus my daughter. But, I will admit that there is something special about having a girl. I look at her and can't wait to teach her all the things I know and see her grow into women. This is probably how a father feels with his sons. My sister took these pictures of Rhainnon and I had to share them. She is getting so big but on the flip side is quite a handful. More then the boys put together. She already is one of those sisters that won't her brothers get away with anything. She is quite the tattletale (she isn't really talking yet, but has no problem getting her point across).


Now I will have to take some pictures of the boys to post.



  1. She is such a little cutie! Let me know if I can have your kiddos over sometime! Hope you're feeling ok!

  2. Chris, she is just beautiful!! So precious! And that hair is awesome:)



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