My Favorite Thrift Store Finds

I think this table and floor lamp are the best things that I have gotten from the Thrift Store. I have been looking for a floor lamp for awhile now. I just happened to see this lamp on the way out and grabbed it before anyone else could. I hate to admit it, but one of the kids got knocked down in my excitment and  rush to get this lamp. It was marked for $20, but I asked if they could take a couple dollars off for the shade (it was not very nice). She only charged me $15. I already had this shade.

Now, the table I have had for about a year. When I first got it I painted it white. I admit I was in a hurry and didn't really take my time to do it right. I should have stripped it first. Well, I finally stripped it about two weeks ago. The three layers of paint came off easily. The table original was stained dark. I removed that layer also. I was a little surprised to see this design around the edge.

By the time I was done stripping and sanding most of it was gone. You can still see from certain angles. I really like this table and so glad I got it. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it, but I know it wasn't more than $20.
I used Briwax (in clear) to cover it.

I'm happy with it. I needed something little for the end of the loveseat. This fits perfectly. I also stripped my dining table and we got new chairs. I'm almost done with it and will be posting some pictures of it also. I am finally getting some of my to-do list checked off.

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  1. Oh my word!! I love them both!! those are exactly the kind of things I need in my living room:) I need to start going to thrift stores!! I really like the color of the table too...



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