A Country Christmas

I think you could definitely say that I have a very "country-rustic" style to my house. I love finding things that are unique at antique shops and festivals....I also make a lot of my own decor. I like the personal touch that it gives my home:)

Most of my Christmas decor fits right in with my country-rustic theme and this year is no different. I think I bought all the burlap and twine Hobby Lobby had to offer:) .....just kidding!

Here are a few photos of what my home looks like this Christmas season....

a few of the christmas cards we have received

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 I can't ever keep my stockings up when they are on the mantle so this year they are on the stairs...

I love my mantle this year:)

my favorite new tree ornaments


I also love my dining table centerpiece!

I first told you about these trees here.

my version of a burlap wreath....can you tell I love burlap? I will post a tutorial on this soon...

the view from upstairs

You can't tell but it is actually snowing outside right now! It is making me fell very warm and cozy with my Christmas lights on....Just in time for Christmas too!!

Mary Elizabeth


  1. Very cute. So, Lyla hasn't gotten to the fake snow on the coffee table yet? And finally some pictures of your home. It all looks so cute.

  2. haha, no. I have trained her to not touch....it's pretty much the only thing that she doesn't play with. Except for the tree. She is scared of the tree, it's so funny!



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