Christmas At Our House

Well, I finally got the picture issue fixed. So, I thought I would show you are Christmas decorations this year. The decorations are pretty much the same as last year with a few exceptions. We got a smaller tree to put in the front window and the mantel is a little different. I got a 20 foot fresh evergreen garland at Lowe's for $7 and took it apart. Used some of it on the mantel, the piano and the rest on the dining room light. Also, I finally bought stockings this year from Pottery Barn.

One of my favorite decorations. I have two of these birds.

My youngest sister made this decoration for me when she was
in 4th grade.
Mac's first Christmas ornament.

Rhiannon's first Christmas ornament.

Luke's first Christmas ornament.

Now that all the decorating is completed, we have been filling our spare time making Christmas cookies and candy. Needless to say the kids have been on a sugar rush the last two weeks.

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Chris, your house is beautiful!! You would never know you have 4 little ones running around:) I love the stencil above the fireplace too, that is the exact same design I have been looking for, of course:) where did you get it? I haven't been able to find one yet.....



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