Sunburst Mirror

I have wanted a sunburst mirror for so long now. But, they can be really expensive. 
Like this one that I keep looking at but just can't bring myself to pay that much for a mirror.   
Last week I took down the collage of pictures and letters that I had hanging above the piano. 
You can see it here and the latest version here. My original plan was to make this sunburst mirror.
  This mirror is from 364 Living blog. If you haven't check her blog out yet you should it's really cute.
Anyway, I went to Home Depot to get the supplies and walked past the small mirror section. 
It's just an end cap. I was looking at one of them for the bathroom when I spotted a Martha Stewart sunburst mirror. 
And the best thing was the price under $40 and very similar to the one above. I threw that thing in the cart so fast. 
I was so excited. I got a sunburst mirror and all I had to do was pound in a nail. 

I know the lamps are a little off. The one on the right got knocked off. I need to fix it and do something 
with the lampshades. This was all the decorating I've gotten done in the last two weeks. The kids were sick last weekend with colds, sore throats and then they gladly passed it on to me. I haven't felt this sick in a long time. This weekend was the worst. The sinus headache is finally going away. Hope everyone else had a better weekend then we did.


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  1. I almost went with the beadboard doors for the house...I didn't realize that is what you used...I switched it up last minute :) good job on the mirror...diys are hard to get accomplished these days.



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