Animal Crakers (Cookies)

My kids love the animal crackers you buy at the store. With four kids eating them they are ridiculously expensive. So, I made a healthier version. Maybe not extremely healthy, but at least it's not full of chemicals. I got the recipe from Williams - Sonoma. They are super easy and of course the kids loved them.

I used a Noah's Ark cookie cutter set. I also used it here. If you roll them out a little on the thick side they will stand up. Which if you have boys they will love this. They had cookies standing up all over the table and they were at war. If an animal got shot it got eaten.

I had to show you all my little helper in the process.

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  1. I was just about to post my homemade teddy grahams!!! Oh, well. I will do that tomorrow:) Rhiannon is such a doll!!



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